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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hi guy's I haven't been on here in so long. A lot has been going on for me. It's the SUMMER time and one lesson I have learned so far this summer is. LOVE YOURSELF. I just got out of a 4 year relationship recently and honestly for those people that are still in a relationship because their comfortable, they no nothing else or the most common their SCARED that their isnt anyone else out there for them, omgoosh that is so not true! I thought that at first, my advice is that you have to think positive and stay busy. LIVE YOUR LIFE.. and the people will come to you, don't spend your life searching for someone just love yourself and live your dream without fear and that love will arrive at the most unexpected moment. People love to see someone that is positive and happy with who they are, men or women find that extremely attractive. Girls, we don't need a man to define who we are. I'm drawing again, reading, being a lot more healthy, traveling and just having fun. Something I wouldn't have done if I was still in a relationship. One door opens but soo many more OPEN! Yes it will be so hard at times and there is going to be those days where you just sit and cry but dont give up who you, don't stop living. Prove to that person they made a MISTAKE!  If you are going through something similar I have been through it and please just stay positive and start LIVING, that man will come to you.xoxo

Sorry it took me YEARS to post something!

xox PrettynPink 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dreams Can Come True...

Hey guys so im at my school trying to do homework and all I can think about is this. People think that dreams are un-realistic something that one can't achieve. Now that I think about it I really think that a dream can come true if you really have hope. Obviously dreams like turning into a bird or something illusionistic like that might not come true but dreams such as becomming a millionaire or getting a PHD or being a movie star. I use to think that these were so un-realistic because of how hard it is for some people to achieve these goals.. but really if you really try and really set your heart and passion towards that dream you'll be able to overcome the barriers and make your dream a reality. For example: loosing weight.. people constantly say "oh it's impossible I'll never loose this weight why try" well thats the problem your not trying because you don't believe in yourself so why would it come true. Life comes so easy to some people and to others it seems endless.. but if you really put your mind to it and just keep trying you will always end up happier and closer to that dream you thought was un-realistic at some time. I believe that everyone has potential to be great they just have to believe they can be.

Anyways.. thats my thought of the day. :)
ttyl xo

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whats my definition of a true friend

Sometimes, well a lot of times people have problems trying to identify a true friend compared to a fake one. I have had this sooo many times in my life. To me, it's the little things a friend is willing to do for you. For example true friend: someone that calls you when they are upset, fake friend: someone that never opens up to you but always calls you to give you gossip on someone else, good friend: someone that changes their plans if you really need them because your upset, bad friend: someone that doesn't even notice or ask if you upset. This all came to my mind because I have one best friend and you can tell she's a true friend because we have been friends through everything and were always there to help eachother BUT I have another friend that gets on my nerves soo much because of how selfish and rude she is.. She claims were good but yet she doesn't do the simplists things! I would give you a ridiculous example and you would no what I'm talking about.. But I'm kind of scared this person might read my blog! Anyways what do you guys think identifys a true friend? Xo

Monday, January 17, 2011

xo The Most Stylish Blogger xo


Hey Everyone soo one of my fellow bloggers runawaybride (check out her blog it's amazing)! has awarded me with the most Stylish blogger award!

Just thought I would let you guys now! and I hope you continue enjoying my blogs!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Which dress is the best?!


Hey girls! And even boys.. I need your guys opinion in something. I have a semi- formal at my school in February and their is absolutely no dress shops here.. ( I know lame) meaning I had to resort to buying online.. which I'm a little scared about. Anyways! I picked two dresses but I'm not sure what one I like more SO I need your opinion.. I'm thinking a read dress cause it would look good with my skin tone even tho I've never wore anything red.. EVER so I'm kind if scared! But anyways let me know what you guys think! I'm blogging on my phone right now so I'll post them in a bit.. Can't wait to here your opinions!

Ttyl! <3

Monday, January 10, 2011

The lense of ones self is different then how people actually see you in reality.

Okay, sooo another random thought that I have been thinking about is a commanality in how different people view themselves compared to how people actually see them. I our number one judgement that is most affective is the judgement we have on ourself. Most girls view themselves as ten times worse then they actually are. This is why weightloss supplements and cosmetic products are booming in modern society, because the media is telling us what they believe is pretty and we are following this unrealistic expectation and are forcing these expectations when looking at our image. This shapes our decisions on how we look at ourselves. Not going to lie, I look in the mirror and I will be like I need to loose weight, I am my number one critic but I believe that as long as it makes me happy I will do it, I would never do anything to make someone else happy. This thought came to me because I noticed that a lot of my girlfriends including me judge themselves so harshly when really they look really good! It's almost as if we have a different lense of perception, like our view is so cerupted with conventions. I just found it really interesting!

What do you guys think?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Its always the good people that get burned!

One thing I can't stand in life is how unfair it can be. Throughout my life I have seen so many bad things happen to good people and the people that are rebelious get away with everything. I have a friend and she is the nicest girl ever.. and she just found out that her boyfriends been cheating on her, whereas theres a person who I know that is very unfaithful to her boyfriend but yet she has the nicest boyfriend ever that treats her right. I just don't get how these things happen to good people, like whats the point of being good if you just get burned most of the time. I am a "good girl" I go to school have a long term boyfriend and know what I want to do in life but yet bad things happen to me all the time, it might just because I'm unlucky but it sucks and makes me think "why bother?". Anyways the point is lifes unfair and it can suck sometimes, it's almost as if the good people are the invisable hero, no one really knows how special or genuin they are until their gone and one can actually see the impact that individual has made on society. I guess being "good" is not about what that certain individual gets in life but how they help our society and make the world a better place.

Just a thought I had :).

p.s I have been doing my fitness routine with my roomate Anna and our 1 week weight-in is this sunday! I'll keep you guys posted! :)